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5 stars! – You can’t go wrong with these earplugs, unless you don’t put them in correctly!

By Patricia Roberts on September 14, 2015

As an audiologist, the offer of free earplugs in exchange for a review was a no-brainier. I have a drawer at work full of various types, sizes, colors and manufacturers of earplugs. This product fits right in.

These have a great noise reduction rating (NRR)…when properly inserted. Fortunately, the canister and each individual pair of earplugs reviews the steps to insert the earplugs effectively. Wash hands, roll the plug between the thumb and finger (I use my index and middle fingers) into a thin cylinder with no creases, pull up and back on the external ear (to straighten the ear canal) and insert the plug until it is flush with the opening of the canal. Finally, hold finger against the end of the plug until it expands.

So often, I see individuals with large portions of the earplug hanging out of their ears (Colby Donaldson on Top Shot, I’m talking to you!). That is job security for me, because if they aren’t attenuating the noise as much as they think, the additive effects of noise exposure are going to have them coming in to see me sooner than they’d like. These earplugs are priced so much better than hearing aids!

Like any other hearing protective device, these don’t eliminate noise, but attenuate it to a more tolerable (snoring) or safe (power saws, motorcycles, gunfire) level. They are comfortable, with a relatively soft foam and a rounded end so there are no sharp corners resting against the sensitive ear canal wall. My only trouble was getting the foam compressed and into my ear canal quickly, before it expanded again.

In summary, protect your hearing! These earplugs do the job nicely and I have no reservations recommending them to my patients, family or friends.

5 stars! – ¬†Instructions Make All The Difference ūüôā

By Dee in NC on September 14, 2015

I’ve never been able to figure out how to use ear plugs like these in the past but the instructions that came with them made it very clear and easy to understand. They feel as if they are made from a good quality material and I really like that each set is individually wrapped so I can pack them or carry them in my bag.

 They Work and They are Comfortable!! Р 5 stars!

By Jimmy Harding on September 13, 2015

These are comfortable and they work. I’m very happy with these earplugs and highly recommend them to anyone who needs a noise reduction tool.

5 Stars – Smart buy!

By Ginni S. on September 15, 2015

I am so glad I had a discount code to try this new product. You can buy a pair of earplugs at the corner shop and that’s fine for one use. Somehow I was never able to keep track of them well enough to find them both the next day! This is a really nice reusable container that has 30 individual pairs that are wrapped and clean and ready to use. They are great around lawn equipment and while working on the car or living with someone who does! A handful went to the shop, and a handful both his and hers sides of the bed. Oh, and I have a stash in the kitchen for when the music is just too much to handle! Great purchase and I will buy them again when these wander away!

These are great!!

By ‘Zilla on September 16, 2015

I got a coupon for a free package of these. They were shipped fast and arrived quickly. They are in a small plastic bin, but are packaged in pairs, which makes them super convenient. They work very well and are comfortable. Thanks!!

These Ear Plugs are the ‘bomb’!

By Glory R.on September 16, 2015

If you’ve ever slept, or rather tried to sleep, next to someone who snores, you understand the challenge of getting a good night’s sleep. You try to turn them over or have them prop up or tape a strip on their nose and nothing works. It is enough to drive a person mad! My only relief came with ear plugs. And I was super happy when I received a coupon for a free product for testing and unbiased review, because these ear plugs are the ‘bomb’!

They work perfectly! And I especially appreciated the helpful instructions, I finally know how to properly fit an ear plug in my ear!

– They are very high quality material, I have purchased too many cheaply made ones in the past, and these really hold up well.

– The container is kind of cute, easy to hold, and also has a nice little round handle that lays down for easy storing.

– Each set of ear plugs are individually wrapped, which allows me to grab a pair when off to my daughter’s band performance at the high school football game! The individual wrapping helps to keep the ear plugs in good shape and not pick up anything from the bottom of my purse or the car floorboard if I drop them.

– The nose reduction is superb and works better than any ear plugs I have ever used.

If you need ear plugs, stop your search. These babies are it! I highly recommend them.

This product is a very good value for the money,

September 16, 2015 By P. Massullo 

This product is a very good value for the money. There are several sets in the package and I love the way they mold to fit the ear! This is going to help with the snoring in my house!!

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