About Sound Blocker Ear Plugs

Your search for the best soft foam earplugs is finally over!

Sound Blocker Ear Plugs give you:

      • Highest level noise reduction rating (NRR 33 decibel) gives you the best hearing protection
      • High density polyurethane foam is soft and comfortable for long periods of use
      • 30 pairs of earplugs sealed in individual, hygienic, polybags for your peace of mind

And when you purchase from us today, here are just some of
the things you can look forward to:

      • Peaceful sleep! No more interrupted nights due to a snoring partner, annoying neighbors or heavy traffic. Wake up rested and rejuvenated to start your day!
      • If you’re a shooter, you can rest assured that when you wear these highest noise reduction rated earplugs you are safeguarding your hearing – don’t suffer hearing loss for the enjoyment of your sport!
      • Perhaps you fly a lot and want to sleep without interruption from crying babies or talkative fellow passengers. Arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, rested and ready to go!
      • Motor bike riders – reduce the wind and engine noise that can damage your hearing and cause you to lose concentration. Stay safe on those longer trips, and protect your hearing.
      • DIYers – it’s not worth damaging your hearing when using power tools on your favorite project. Our soft foam ear plugs are quick and easy to insert before you get started.
      • Do you find the volume at a rock concert just too loud for comfort? Pop in a pair of Sound Blocker Ear Plugs to help you enjoy your evening more, prevent the ongoing ringing in your ears you get from exposure to overly loud music, and safeguard your hearing for the future.

Don’t Forget! When you order today you are protected by our 60 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service!

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